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Child Psychology

The aim of Mollie’s work is to support the educational, social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people and to use psychology to help understand behaviour and create change. Mollie is passionate about using a holistic approach to understand children and young people within their unique context and to help shift narratives, whilst promoting positive outcomes. Mollie is skilled in using creative approaches to develop a positive therapeutic relationship and engage children and young people to share their inner worlds.



Mollie offers consultations for parents, carers and those working with young people. Consultations offer a brief solution-focused opportunity to discuss what is working well, in addition to current concerns.

Mollie uses her knowledge of psychological theory to help make sense of the problem and to reflect on possible next steps. Consultations are typically offered as a one-off session, although a review consultation may be offered following the initial consultation. Consultations can be offered via telephone, Zoom or in person.


Training and workshops

Mollie offers bespoke training packages relating to a number of areas including but not limited to:

• Child development

• Social, emotional and mental health

• Understanding neurodiversity

• Supporting school attendance

• Developing emotional regulation

• Creating inclusive environments for children


Parent and family support sessions

Sessions for parents or carers to develop their understanding and management of their child’s behaviour. Sessions will include psychoeducation to help parents and carers understand the psychology behind their child’s behaviour, as well as practical strategies to support their behaviour and develop their relationship.

Dr Mollie Higgins